What is SEO, and How Can it Help Small Businesses?

As the world around us becomes more and more dependent on the internet, so too do businesses of all sizes. This can be beneficial for small businesses, as a shift towards e-commerce, or selling their products on the internet, can easily help increase profits. But how is a small company supposed to compete with their corporate counterparts, who oftentimes have far more resources to dedicate to their web presence?

Thankfully, search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is a simple tool that can help small businesses compete in the growing digital economy. So, just how does SEO work, and how can it help to benefit small businesses around the world?

$65 billion: The amount that companies spent on SEO in 2016.(Borrell Associates)

But for starters let’s define SEO and how is a big part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

What is SEO?

In a simple way, search engine optimization is the act of gaining web traffic to your company’s website or e-commerce store from search engines. Think of SEO as a “hack” that can allow even the smallest businesses to develop a high level of traffic to their website in a very short amount of time. As search engines depend on an algorithm to determine the most relevant websites for each search, SEO is all about convincing this computer program that your small business can help to satisfy a customer’s needs.


How Can SEO Help My Small Business?

As mentioned briefly above, SEO can allow small startups to compete with the biggest brands in the world. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, investing in a search engine optimization strategy is a powerful tool that can assist in driving new customers to your product or service. This increased web traffic oftentimes means more opportunities to make sales, which presents small business owners with a fantastic opportunity to grow their business easily. In other words, think of SEO as a form of “internet marketing” that can create new customers at a fraction of the cost that is typically required from traditional marketing approaches.


Keys to Successful SEO Marketing


At its core, a successful SEO strategy depends on three big factors:

A. Relevant Content: Adding lots of content on your website that is directly related to your product or service can greatly increase your position within the search engines. A great place to start is with a blog focused on your industry or business sector.

B. Develop Authority: SEO is quite interesting, as it takes things that are done outside a company’s website into account as well. In short, this means that posting things like links to other relevant websites, sales of your own product or service, and integrating your own social media feeds into your website can help to convince search engines that you are a trustworthy and authoritative voice in your field.

C. Website Optimization: Believe it or not, there is a lot of “behind-the-scenes” work that can be done to improve your website’s search rankings. Commonly referred to as  “SEO technical optimization,” this practice can be quickly learned from any number of free resources on the topic available on the web.


As we have seen, search engine optimization is an important facet of any modern small business marketing strategy. As this post is intended to serve as an introduction to the topic, we highly suggest delving into the world of SEO more on your own. The great thing about this topic is that while it may seem complicated at first, it is very easy to learn quickly.

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